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When The Funk Rains Down (Pete Herbert Remix) Artist:The Boogie Man – Release 09-06-14

Over the past 3 years Pete Herbert has become one of the main remixers of Imagenes Recordings after several heavy weight re-works including the tune: “Everybody” featuring front man Andre Espeut, which topped the main chart of Traxsource for about 4 weeks last year, and few other well known jams of Los Charly’s Orchestra.
Mr Pete comes back with a superb Electro Funk / House remix of the recentely launched band “The Boogie Man” – When The Funk Rains Down.
The perfect choice for the summer sessions ahead…
Vocals by Andre Espeut

Record Label: Imagenes Recordings
Format: Digital Download
Release date: 09/06/14 from the usual digital outlets.

Los Charly’s Orchestra Remixed by Al Kent, Pete Herbert, Renegades Of Jazz, Etc, Out: 05-05-14

Searching into their continuous vision for sonic innovation Los Charly’s Orchestra teams up with Al Kent, Pete Herbert, Renegades of Jazz and some of their favorite producers from around the globe in order to deliver this eclectic and forward thinking compilation of remixes from their recently released 2nd album Rediscovering The Big Apple.
Blending their Latin core with G Funk, Footwork, Nu Jazz, Breaks, Afro Soul, Disco, House and beyond, this compilation offers a radical contrast to the traditional school of production of Los Charly’s original material.

Track listing and credits as follow:
*Rediscovering The Big Apple – Cy Gorman & Ennio Styles Remix (Melbourne Australia)
*Descarga Cachao – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Remix (London UK)
*All I Wanna Do – Al Kent Vocal Remix (Glasgow UK)
*All I Wanna Do – Al Kent Instrumental Remix (Glasgow UK)
*Jumping With Symphony Sid – Capitan Futuro Remix (Athens Greece)
*My Barrio – Jimi Needles Remix (London UK)
*Ten Cuidao – Renegades Of Jazz Meets Juan & Jorge Remix (Hamburg, Germany)
*Merecumbe – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Remix (London, UK)
*Merecumbe – Pete Herbert Remix (London, UK)
*Al Ritmo Del Latin Funk – DJ Velazco Meets Juan & Jorge Remix (Caracas, Venezuela)
*Al Ritmo Del Latin Funk – Pocz Remix (Caracas, Venezuela)
*Rediscovering The Big Apple – The Horses Sabotage (Shanghai, China)

Record Label: Imagenes Recordings
Format:  Digital Download
Release date: 05/05/14 from the usual record stores & digital outlets.