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When The Funk Rains Down (Pete Herbert Remix) Artist:The Boogie Man – Release 09-06-14

Over the past 3 years Pete Herbert has become one of the main remixers of Imagenes Recordings after several heavy weight re-works including the tune: “Everybody” featuring front man Andre Espeut, which topped the main chart of Traxsource for about 4 weeks last year, and few other well known jams of Los Charly’s Orchestra.
Mr Pete comes back with a superb Electro Funk / House remix of the recentely launched band “The Boogie Man” – When The Funk Rains Down.
The perfect choice for the summer sessions ahead…
Vocals by Andre Espeut

Record Label: Imagenes Recordings
Format: Digital Download
Release date: 09/06/14 from the usual digital outlets.

The Boogie Man – When The Funk Rains Down – Release 24-03-14

The Boogie Man – “When The Funk Rains Down”

Imagenes Recordings present the latest ultra funk sensation of the north London surroundings… The Boogie Man
From the founders and driving force behind Los Charly’s Orchestra, Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel comes this brand new project which embraces the legacy of the Boogie Funk blending with the London touch which has characterize the style of production of Juan & Jorge over the past few years.

This single is entitle: “When The Funk Rains Down” and this is the very first release of this band which promise to revitalize the contemporary Neo Funk scene with their instant party maker sound which makes you want to move your feet from the moment the needle touches the groove.
Check the “Lowrider version” which sounds like the latest soundtrack of Black Belt Jones while the “original version” is just an uplifting non stop party thing…

The Boogie Man are:
Andre Espeut: Vocals
Milt Mavrakakis: Keys
Matheus Nova: Bass
Juan Laya: Percussion
Raphael Delphino: Drums
Tony Trombony: Trombone
Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel: Production

“So hot!!!!” (Rahaan)

“Really good!!!! Buenisimo!” (Trujillo)

“Sounds stunning! great feel good boogie!!” (Marc Hype)

“Super F U N K Y Really like it!!!” (Severino, Horse Meat Disco)