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When The Funk Rains Down (Pete Herbert Remix) Artist:The Boogie Man – Release 09-06-14

Over the past 3 years Pete Herbert has become one of the main remixers of Imagenes Recordings after several heavy weight re-works including the tune: “Everybody” featuring front man Andre Espeut, which topped the main chart of Traxsource for about 4 weeks last year, and few other well known jams of Los Charly’s Orchestra.
Mr Pete comes back with a superb Electro Funk / House remix of the recentely launched band “The Boogie Man” – When The Funk Rains Down.
The perfect choice for the summer sessions ahead…
Vocals by Andre Espeut

Record Label: Imagenes Recordings
Format: Digital Download
Release date: 09/06/14 from the usual digital outlets.