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The Boogie Man – Shake Your Body EP – Release 20th Oct 2014

Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel team up once again with UK singer Andre Espeut for the second release of “The Boogie Man”.

Crafting their sound and production to the most optimun level so far, The Boogie Man gang deliver it’s ultimate floor filler where Kool & The Gang meets Parliament Funkalic for the opening track of the EP -“Shake Your Body” while Jazz Funk meets Disco for the flip side with and uplifting groove called “Keep On Moving” that brings memories of David Bendeth’s immortal Feel The Real and many other references.

Colourful melodies and arrangements flow from the moment the needle hits the groove, driving the funky bass line and steady beat through a journey of many harmonic changes that don’t let you other alternative but dance and enjoy.

“Yup!! Tasty!! Feeling both these tunes!!” Patrick Forge


Vocals – Andre Espeut
Bass – Matheus Nova
Drums & Guitar – Raphael Delphino
Keys – Milt Mavrakakis
Percussion – Juan Laya
Trumpet – Eikel Venegas Hernandes

Production – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel

Record Label: Imagenes Recordings
Format: Vinyl 12” & Digital Download
Release date: 20th Oct 2014 from the usual record stores & digital outlets.

Everlasting Love – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Feat: Los Charly’s Orchestra – Release 01-09-14

London/Venezuela production duo Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel aka Los Charly’s Orchestra take influences from Salsoul, Fania, Donna Summer, Cerrone, Herbie Hancock and even Jamiroquay and blend them with their very unique style of production in order to deliver their latest anthem of Neo Latin Disco.

After a few months of experimentation across different sounds Los Charly’s are back into their main arena with an outstanding new single entitle Everlasting Love.

Those guys were first known by their initial Disco/Funk period and more recently by their infectious Latin/Funk sound, which has been buzzing all around the place for the past couple of years.

This new single expresses a cross road in between the two periods of LCO bringing up a new perspective for the future of this outfit.

“Really good tune!, very Salsoul!” John Morales


Vocals – Amalia Economos
Bass – Matheus Nova
Drums – Juan Laya
Keys – Milt Mavrakakis
Percussion – Alejadro Martinez
Trumpet – Eikel Venegas Hernandes
Trombone – Landy Casanueva
Guitar – Kenny Barry

Production – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel

Record Label: Imagenes Recordings
Format: Vinyl 10” & Digital Download
Release date: 01 Sept 2014 from the usual record stores & digital outlets.

Here Today – Andre Espeut’s Quintet – Release 04-08-14

London based Venezuelan producers Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel teams up with from man – UK singer – Andre Espeut for another winner with their latest project Andre Espeut’s Quintet.

Moving across a Brazilian / Jazzy line with an slick vocal touch on a Curtis Mayfiled vibe Andre Espeut’s and his Quintet comes back with this steady jazzy groover to follow up their debut release ‘Let It Go / Rising” already launched in 2013.

‘Here Today’ is a hugely enjoyable jazzy romp involving some great musicians as well as supremely versatile vocalist Andre Espeut . Guaranteed to make your feet move and your heart skip this track has a touch of Tony Rallo’s classic ‘Holdin’ on’ but with a larger helping of quality jazz.

The sunshine comes out for this track as its playful melodies invite you too. Another place where you can’t help but smile.

“Very nice song” – Danny Krivit

Vocals & Co Production – Andre Espeut
Bass- Matheus Nova
Drums – Raphael Delphino
Keys – Milt Mavrakakis
Percussion – Juan Laya
Trumpet – Eikel Venegas Hernandes
Production – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel

Record Label: Imagenes Recordings
Format: Vinyl 10” & Digital Download
Release date: 04 Aug 2014 from the usual record stores & digital outlets.

PS: The launch party for this release will be hold on Wednesday 13th Aug at Topolski Bar / Southbank Centre with the debut of Andre Espeut’s Quintet for very first time performing live.
DJ support by the iconic Jazz/Funk gurus “Boo & Colin Parnell” (Jazzcoteque). Don’t miss out on this…

When The Funk Rains Down (Pete Herbert Remix) Artist:The Boogie Man – Release 09-06-14

Over the past 3 years Pete Herbert has become one of the main remixers of Imagenes Recordings after several heavy weight re-works including the tune: “Everybody” featuring front man Andre Espeut, which topped the main chart of Traxsource for about 4 weeks last year, and few other well known jams of Los Charly’s Orchestra.
Mr Pete comes back with a superb Electro Funk / House remix of the recentely launched band “The Boogie Man” – When The Funk Rains Down.
The perfect choice for the summer sessions ahead…
Vocals by Andre Espeut

Record Label: Imagenes Recordings
Format: Digital Download
Release date: 09/06/14 from the usual digital outlets.

Los Charly’s Orchestra Remixed by Al Kent, Pete Herbert, Renegades Of Jazz, Etc, Out: 05-05-14

Searching into their continuous vision for sonic innovation Los Charly’s Orchestra teams up with Al Kent, Pete Herbert, Renegades of Jazz and some of their favorite producers from around the globe in order to deliver this eclectic and forward thinking compilation of remixes from their recently released 2nd album Rediscovering The Big Apple.
Blending their Latin core with G Funk, Footwork, Nu Jazz, Breaks, Afro Soul, Disco, House and beyond, this compilation offers a radical contrast to the traditional school of production of Los Charly’s original material.

Track listing and credits as follow:
*Rediscovering The Big Apple – Cy Gorman & Ennio Styles Remix (Melbourne Australia)
*Descarga Cachao – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Remix (London UK)
*All I Wanna Do – Al Kent Vocal Remix (Glasgow UK)
*All I Wanna Do – Al Kent Instrumental Remix (Glasgow UK)
*Jumping With Symphony Sid – Capitan Futuro Remix (Athens Greece)
*My Barrio – Jimi Needles Remix (London UK)
*Ten Cuidao – Renegades Of Jazz Meets Juan & Jorge Remix (Hamburg, Germany)
*Merecumbe – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Remix (London, UK)
*Merecumbe – Pete Herbert Remix (London, UK)
*Al Ritmo Del Latin Funk – DJ Velazco Meets Juan & Jorge Remix (Caracas, Venezuela)
*Al Ritmo Del Latin Funk – Pocz Remix (Caracas, Venezuela)
*Rediscovering The Big Apple – The Horses Sabotage (Shanghai, China)

Record Label: Imagenes Recordings
Format:  Digital Download
Release date: 05/05/14 from the usual record stores & digital outlets.

The Boogie Man – When The Funk Rains Down – Release 24-03-14

The Boogie Man – “When The Funk Rains Down”

Imagenes Recordings present the latest ultra funk sensation of the north London surroundings… The Boogie Man
From the founders and driving force behind Los Charly’s Orchestra, Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel comes this brand new project which embraces the legacy of the Boogie Funk blending with the London touch which has characterize the style of production of Juan & Jorge over the past few years.

This single is entitle: “When The Funk Rains Down” and this is the very first release of this band which promise to revitalize the contemporary Neo Funk scene with their instant party maker sound which makes you want to move your feet from the moment the needle touches the groove.
Check the “Lowrider version” which sounds like the latest soundtrack of Black Belt Jones while the “original version” is just an uplifting non stop party thing…

The Boogie Man are:
Andre Espeut: Vocals
Milt Mavrakakis: Keys
Matheus Nova: Bass
Juan Laya: Percussion
Raphael Delphino: Drums
Tony Trombony: Trombone
Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel: Production

“So hot!!!!” (Rahaan)

“Really good!!!! Buenisimo!” (Trujillo)

“Sounds stunning! great feel good boogie!!” (Marc Hype)

“Super F U N K Y Really like it!!!” (Severino, Horse Meat Disco)

Amore / Interstellaire EP – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Feat: Andre Espeut & Emilie- Release: 27-01-14

Imagenes Artwork

From the creators of Los Charly’s Orchestra comes this very special EP to start the year 2014 on a pure Salsoul / Philly Disco style.

People has been asking, “What happened to the Disco stuff that those guys were doing a few years ago… “ So due to popular demand here it is. A double A release made of two steady singles, released on a 12” Vinyl LTD edition for the discerning pleasure of your analogue hearing.

A side contains a track called “Amore” featuring the mighty Soul singer: Andre Espeut delivering a surprising performance on a Tony Valor, Barry White style which proves once again the endless versatility of the experienced singer.

The inspiration of “Aquarian Dream” and “Wood Brass & Steel” meet on a intergalactic & uplifting Disco experience for the flip with the track “Interstellaire”, featuring the hidden Parisian treasure Emilie Farcy delivering a brief but sweet speech that take us deeper into the journey.

Produced by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel.

Record Label: Imagenes Recordings
Format: 12” Vinyl & Digital Download
Release date: 27/01/14 from the usual record stores & digital outlets.

Here is what people is saying:

“This is so f*****ing hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Bloody hell, guys – right back to 1978! Top track and really great production on this. No contemporary band has ever done disco this good – Amazing job.”
Neil Quinton, Strut Records

“I am totally blown away”
Simon White, Metropolitan Soul

Los Charly’s Orchestra new album – Rediscovering The Big Apple (Release 28-10-13)

LosCharly's Orchestra

Los Charly’s Orchestra

Imagenes Recordings proudly present Los Charly’s Orchestra 2nd album – Rediscovering The Big Apple.

The two Venezuelan producers Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel keep digging their inspiration and interest in bringing back to live the spirit of the sounds of New York City in the late 60’s and 70’s from their own Charly’s perspective.

The release contain 10 songs including some brand new material plus some of the tracks that were previously released as singles on collectable 7″ over the past two years, all 100% analogically re mastered for a deeper sound.

Fania, Salsoul, Joe Bataan, Cal Tjader, Willie Colon, Joe Cuba, Charlie Palmieri, Bobby Matos, etc, etc, etc, they are all clear influences and inspiration on the making of this musical journey that travels from the very early times of Latin Funk, Soul & Boogaloo, to the genre that was to unify the whole Hispanic America under one groove: Salsa, and beyond.

The old and the new school of heavy Salsa merges on the tune “Ten Cuidao” in a pure barrio styled groove directly from the heart of Seven Sisters. Imagine Charlie Palmieri & Willie Colon meets Joe Arroyo & Los Charly’s Orchestra… for a new collaboration… while the super refreshing Cha Cha sound of “On the Other Side” fuses with the soul of lead vocalist Andre Espeut’s for the latest LCO’s Cha Cha-Soul experiment which sounds as if Roy Ayers was making Latin music.

There are also two new killer versions (Vocal & Instrumental) of the iconic track “Merecumbe” on a Latin Disco tip plus lots of other groovy stuff on the usual funky line of Los Charly’s.

In between the awesome team of Los Charly’s Orchestra (in alphabetical order):

Andre Espeut (Lead Vox), Alejandro Martinez (Percussion), Elpidio Alegria (Lead Vox), George Malamas (Bass), Jon Desbruslais (Drums), Joe Thomas (Keys), Matheus Nova (Bass), Milt Mavrakakis (Keys & Vibes), Mike Mckenzie (Drums), Paul Batik (Trumpet), Tony Trombony (Trombone), Wilmer Sifontes (Percussion).

Special participation:
Amar Kabouche (Flute), Ben Trigg (Strings), Eikel Venegas Hernández (Trumpet), Landy Díaz Casanueva (Trombone).

Produced by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel.

Record Label: Imagenes Recordings
Format: CD & Digital Download
Release date: 28/10/12 from the usual record stores & digital outlets.

“Great album!! I love it” (Al Kent, Disco Love)

“VERY HARLEM Great stuff …Nuyorica latino Me gusta!!!” (Severino, Horse Meat Disco)

“Well done for keeping Latin music alive in the UK, some great moments on the album” (Simon Lee, Faze Action)”

“This really is the best new Latin / descarga / salsa / disco / Latin funk album I have personally heard in recent years by a long way” (Quinton Scott, Strut Records)

“Los Charly’s marry funk and descarga styles with aplomb on the rockin’ Descarga Cachao” (Patrick Forge)


Nuyorican Disco Band, Los Charly’s Orchestra comes to Floridita for a very especial edition of Boogaloo, 70’s Salsa & Latin Funk. Stirring the melting pot, the multicultural congregation of Los Charly’s Orchestra (lead by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel) takes it on a brand new venture, searching back into the spectrum of Afro Latin fusion, Boogaloo, Latin Jazz & Heavy 70’s Salsa, this project marks the beginning of a new period in the production career of the London based production duo & Los Charly’s Orchestra.

The line up of this band includes some of the usual characters behind Los Charly’s activities. They will be on rotation, bringing special guests and many surprises to Floridita every Saturday.
Here is the latest video clip of Los Charly’s: