Los Charly’s Orchestra meet Leroy Burgess at the POW – Thurs 26th Nov

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Fifth up and hot in a brand new series of phenomenal live artists, up close and personal at The POW. A rare opportunity to catch these huge stars of soul, funk and acid jazz in an intimate 400 capacity deco dance hall. With great sound, wonderful drinks and a fantastic roof terrace smoking area. These tickets will fly, so get yours quickly before they sell out.

Leroy Burgess (Conversion, Logg, Black Ivory) + Los Charly’s Orchestra come together for a unique all Live and full band tour de force of Disco, Latin, Funk ‘ n ‘ Soul.

Andre Espeut Quintet – This Ain’t How It Ends / Cut Loose (Release date: 1st Oct 2015)

Imagenes Recordings is proud to present the latest dancefloor Jazz groover of Andre Espeut Quinet.

Its been a few years now years since the first two releases of the Quintet, which has had an incredible response from many radio shows in the Uk and overseas, including Craig Charles, Jazz FM, Patrick Forge between others. This follow up continues the story of an endless amalgamation of Jazz & Blues, which keeps swinging through the musical landscape of today after almost six decades of its origins.

This ain’t how it ends:
A mans journey into brighter things as he talks about the challenges of life, with an optimistic outcome. From Ray Charles to Gregory Porter the influences are well rooted here in this song.
Cut loose:
Takes traditional Brazilian styles with finely crafted Jazz compositions and arrangements of Bossa Nova-infused Jazz, perfectly capturing the mood of summer vibes with rich vocals.


Vocals – Andre Espeut
Bass – Matheus Nova & Wun Yen Chan
Drums – Jon Desbruslais & Raphael Dephino
Keys & Organ – Milt Mavrakakis
Piano: Jonathan Idiagbonya
Percussion – Alejandro Martinez & Juan Laya
Horns – Eikel Venegas Hernandes
Sax: Marcelo Andrade

Production – Juan Laya, Jorge Montiel & Andre Espeut.

Record Label: Imagenes Recordings
Format: Vinyl 7” & Digital Download
Release date: 01 Oct 2015 from the usual record stores & digital outlets.

Groove On! Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Feat: Chennez Mckenzie – Release: 18th May

Following the success of their previously released “Boogie Magic EP – You Can Beat it” Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel meet Uk Soul singer: Chennez Mckenzie once again in order top deliver this top notch Boogie groover…

Throwing some typical George Benson licks blended into some Brit Jazz Funk vibes and 80’s Boogie, the tune place itself in quite an exceptional position, rarely found on the current musical scenes.

Closing the package an additional RT909 Lockdown Club Mix tights up the whole release recalling past, present and future from an undefined perspective that explains a message of musical evolution that keep moving in cycles through the times and it’ll never end…

It’s Got To Be Music – Remixed by Trujillo & Dave Allison

Trujillo & Dave Allison join the gang of Imagenes Recordings for another bomb remix operation , delivering two space boogie remixes of the NEO 80’s classic “It’s Got To Be Music” originally cooked by Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel Featuring the mighty singer Andre Espeut in 2012.

Balearic / Balinesque buziness to it’s maximum expression…

Los Charly’s Orchestra – Everlasting Love Remixed By Dave Allison – Release 02-03-15

Everlasting Love is one of the strongest tracks Los Charly’s crew has released over the past 2 years, topping up Traxsource’s Disco chart for a few weeks and radio support of some of the top radio stations, including BBC & Jazz FM in between others.

So now Mr Dave Allison from the infamous Editorial Records, takes a turn with this Dubby / Spaced out Disco remix which get us into the flow for a warmer days to come…

Balearic Disco business…

Papi Chulo – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Feat: Chipy D – Release 19th Jan 2015

“Soy el Papi Chulo, Soy El Papi Chulo from Caracas Capital” is the introductory line of the latest Supa Funky anthem from London-Venezuelan gang lead by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel who are teaming up this time with Venezuelan rapper Chippy D for a Electro Funk meets Sugar Hill Gang hybrid which promise to warm up the dance floors over the winter times of the northern hemisphere, or rise the heat on the southern side…

To close with a golden ticket Juan & Jorge bring to the team collaborators: POCZ & Grace Ronson for a killer Deep Latin House version which recalls The Miami Sound Machine with a twist of 80’s Synth influences.

Record Label: Imagenes Recordings
Format: Digital Download
Release date: 19th Jan 2015 from all digital outlets.

The Boogie Man – Shake Your Body EP – Release 20th Oct 2014

Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel team up once again with UK singer Andre Espeut for the second release of “The Boogie Man”.

Crafting their sound and production to the most optimun level so far, The Boogie Man gang deliver it’s ultimate floor filler where Kool & The Gang meets Parliament Funkalic for the opening track of the EP -“Shake Your Body” while Jazz Funk meets Disco for the flip side with and uplifting groove called “Keep On Moving” that brings memories of David Bendeth’s immortal Feel The Real and many other references.

Colourful melodies and arrangements flow from the moment the needle hits the groove, driving the funky bass line and steady beat through a journey of many harmonic changes that don’t let you other alternative but dance and enjoy.

“Yup!! Tasty!! Feeling both these tunes!!” Patrick Forge


Vocals – Andre Espeut
Bass – Matheus Nova
Drums & Guitar – Raphael Delphino
Keys – Milt Mavrakakis
Percussion – Juan Laya
Trumpet – Eikel Venegas Hernandes

Production – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel

Record Label: Imagenes Recordings
Format: Vinyl 12” & Digital Download
Release date: 20th Oct 2014 from the usual record stores & digital outlets.

Everlasting Love – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Feat: Los Charly’s Orchestra – Release 01-09-14

London/Venezuela production duo Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel aka Los Charly’s Orchestra take influences from Salsoul, Fania, Donna Summer, Cerrone, Herbie Hancock and even Jamiroquay and blend them with their very unique style of production in order to deliver their latest anthem of Neo Latin Disco.

After a few months of experimentation across different sounds Los Charly’s are back into their main arena with an outstanding new single entitle Everlasting Love.

Those guys were first known by their initial Disco/Funk period and more recently by their infectious Latin/Funk sound, which has been buzzing all around the place for the past couple of years.

This new single expresses a cross road in between the two periods of LCO bringing up a new perspective for the future of this outfit.

“Really good tune!, very Salsoul!” John Morales


Vocals – Amalia Economos
Bass – Matheus Nova
Drums – Juan Laya
Keys – Milt Mavrakakis
Percussion – Alejadro Martinez
Trumpet – Eikel Venegas Hernandes
Trombone – Landy Casanueva
Guitar – Kenny Barry

Production – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel

Record Label: Imagenes Recordings
Format: Vinyl 10” & Digital Download
Release date: 01 Sept 2014 from the usual record stores & digital outlets.

Here Today – Andre Espeut’s Quintet – Release 04-08-14

London based Venezuelan producers Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel teams up with from man – UK singer – Andre Espeut for another winner with their latest project Andre Espeut’s Quintet.

Moving across a Brazilian / Jazzy line with an slick vocal touch on a Curtis Mayfiled vibe Andre Espeut’s and his Quintet comes back with this steady jazzy groover to follow up their debut release ‘Let It Go / Rising” already launched in 2013.

‘Here Today’ is a hugely enjoyable jazzy romp involving some great musicians as well as supremely versatile vocalist Andre Espeut . Guaranteed to make your feet move and your heart skip this track has a touch of Tony Rallo’s classic ‘Holdin’ on’ but with a larger helping of quality jazz.

The sunshine comes out for this track as its playful melodies invite you too. Another place where you can’t help but smile.

“Very nice song” – Danny Krivit

Vocals & Co Production – Andre Espeut
Bass- Matheus Nova
Drums – Raphael Delphino
Keys – Milt Mavrakakis
Percussion – Juan Laya
Trumpet – Eikel Venegas Hernandes
Production – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel

Record Label: Imagenes Recordings
Format: Vinyl 10” & Digital Download
Release date: 04 Aug 2014 from the usual record stores & digital outlets.

PS: The launch party for this release will be hold on Wednesday 13th Aug at Topolski Bar / Southbank Centre with the debut of Andre Espeut’s Quintet for very first time performing live.
DJ support by the iconic Jazz/Funk gurus “Boo & Colin Parnell” (Jazzcoteque). Don’t miss out on this…