Vibration – Los Charly’s Orchestra (Aka Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel)

The starship of LCO takes an intergalactic trip into the deeper spectrums of Jazz/Funk/Disco/Latin fusion, crossing into a new sonic dimension, a new portal of sounds & frequencies tuned in perfect harmony for the development of what is probably the most advance production ever executed by the “LCO intersonic research project” better known as Los Charly’s Orchestra (lead by producers Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel since 2007).

The sonic excursion goes into the most distant spaces of the galaxy, bringing back into the earth the most tangible proof of human dedication and persistence translated into sound efficiency and optimisation.


Xantone Blacq: Keys
Juan Laya: Drums & Percussion
Matheus Nova: Bass & Vocals
Raphael Delfino: Guitar and Vocals

Produced by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel

Desire – Tommy Glasses (Inc. Birdee Remix)

Two of the most prolific up and coming producers of the Soulful-Neo-Disco-House scene get together on this release in order to deliver some sultry funkyness and dancefloor joy encapsulated on the new track: “Desire”.

DJ / Producer: Tommy Glasses delivers the original mix and Mr Birdee delivers the mega remix. Both including its corresponding extended versions.

The Journey – Andre Espeut (Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Extended Rework)

Some serious Soul-Jazz-fusion biz is happening here with the extended rework of “The Journey”, which comes courtesy of Andre Espeut in collaboration with old friends / producers: Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel, channelling into the Modern Soul spectrum, yet from their usual vintage sounding perspective.

All the stars align on this mix for something magical, imagine Rotary Connection meets Air in a kind of live broken beat fusion epiphany… and that’s probably the best way of describing it, but for better description let the music do its thing.

“It is a thing of beauty. True future soul music. Well needed in these crazy times we live in” – Ashley Beedle

The Journey:

The spark of life has lift me up
up high.
And I can feel the rising sun in my life
And I know the door is open
And I see you walking there
The glimmer of life has shaken
Me so high.
I can’t feel my feet on the ground
But I know
The beginning of the journey is here and now
Well I feel my soul take me
and I don’t know when i’m gonna
reach the ground
Waiting all this time oh…
& it brings me so much loving
I’ll tell you…what I know
Got to got to learn from my mistakes
Know…the.. truth…
I know…the way is, all around me
and in your will, will hmm hmm
Gonna rock this world
And feel this feeling again
I can’t believe
And the journey’s just begun.


Vocals and song Co-writing: Andre Espeut
Keys: Milt Mavrakakis
Drums, Percussion & Lead Synth: Juan Laya
Bass: Matheus Nova
Guitar: Raphael Delfino
Flute: Marcelo Andrade

Produced by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel

Music For The Soul Pt. 2 – Los Charly’s Orchestra Feat. Andre Espeu

It was in 2011 when LCO released their so loved “The Groove and It’s Synonyms – EP” including the tune: “Music For The Soul”, which had a massive support from DJs & producers of the calibre of John Morales, Jose Padilla & Paul Miller (BBC) to name a few. This release was a smashing Nr1 for this lot and a great landmark when looking back into the history of this lot.

December 2022, crossing into 2023 a “Part. 2 of Music for The Soul” gets released to celebrate more than a decade in the making of quality groove / soulful music.

Los Charly’s Orchestra (Aka. Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel) rebuild the

Nuyorican Disco – Los Charly’s Orchestra (Aka. Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel

Million of stories, stories of Latin Soul… rising up from Harlem, crossing all over the world. Eddie Palmieri and Joe Bataan, Ray Barretto, and Celia, Edmundo Ross and Willie Colon.
It was a mix of rhythms, it was a mix of soul, it was a blend of cultures, coming from a melting pot.
And beyond, it goes on and on and on, from La India, to the Masters at Work and beyond. Nuyorican Disco, Nuyorican Soul.

Disco Cake – Funky Magnetic & Del Blake

London’s super Funk / Soul brotha’, singer & guitarist: Del Blake” is back with his 2nd single “Disco Cake” in collaboration with “Funky Magnetic”, a parallel aka name that producers Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel have been using since a few years ago.
Rising star / producer: Tommy Glasses has also baked a super tasty remix to the delight of the Disco-House lovers, and as the final touch, an alternative remix by Juan & Jorge themselves.
Del Blake: Lead Vox & Guitar
Milt Mavrakakis: Keys, Clav, Piano & Strings
Juan Laya: Drums & Percussion
Matheus Nova: Bass

Produced by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel

Electropical: Amazonas Secret Kingdom (Atjazz Remix) – Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel

Ethno-Electronica fusion guru: Atjazz brings us this beautiful Remix of the track: Amazonas Secret Kingdom originally produced by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel for their well acclaimed Electropical series.

Electropical Pt 1 was release about 4 years ago already, since then Juan and Jorge have been curating the most outstanding collaborations with some of their favorite musicians & producers such as: Oyobi, Pete Herbert, James Rod, Venezuelan Drum Ensemble: Grupo Madera, Singer: Maria Rivas, Jorge Spiteri & Bulgarian globetrotter: Martin Denev between others, as well as their own original productions.

Featuring the outstanding performances of Brazilian Flute / Sax player: Marcelo Andrade and Colombian Percussionist Emeris Solis this release marks the consolidation of the British – Latin American connection to its best.